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Seminar Attended by Our Member

While in Europe as part of the Erasmus Plus project exchange program, our member attended an important seminar in Brussels. The focus of this seminar was "The Impact of Education and Sport on Individuals". The seminar aimed to explore and understand the positive social impact of education and sport on individuals.

Our member decided to utilize the information she gained from the seminar, especially for her needs analysis work in education. The seminar provided an opportunity to share current practices, strategies and best practices in this field, giving our member an in-depth understanding of this topic.

At the same time, the interactive sessions and panel discussions throughout the seminar allowed our member to meet important partners for his projects. This had the potential to create new opportunities for cooperation and project development at international level.

During the seminar, our member also had the chance to meet people from different cultures and listen to their experiences with the projects, thanks to the networking activities among the participants. This was very valuable, not only for the exchange of information, but also for building international connections and laying the foundation for future collaborations.

In addition to contributing to our member's personal and professional development, this seminar seems to have provided a number of benefits that have helped her to steer her organization's projects more effectively.

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