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Our Mission

Our association is aware that it is important to develop each individual, who are the architects of the future, in social, cultural, educational and sports fields. Building their future depends on establishing a decent family life, as children who grow up in a safe and happy environment will always have hope in their lives.
Now let's consider the opposite scenario. How can the future of a child who thinks he started life against 1-0 fail to develop a sense of trust?
being raised in violence and without love be built with hope? How can a generation which has given up on themselves protect their future? Surely, for children growing up under these conditions, the process of adulthood is both oppressive to themselves and society. 
With this awareness, our association aims to identify the problems that young people and other individuals in society have experienced in the field of education and sports, to solve these problems, and support them for a better future. Acting in line with this purpose, it desires to reach its goals in a stable manner.

Kütüphanede Ayakta Duran Öğrenci
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Our Vision

Progress of a society, increase in its level of welfare and proper foundation of its future is only possible by the growing of healthy and hard-working generations. In order for healthy generations to grow, it is essential that the children have enough love, self-confidence, and be supported during their physical, spiritual and social development. From this perspective, our vision is;


To help individuals develop themselves in education, art, and sports in line with their needs,

To develop the social relations of young people,

Raising healthy individuals with their own goals and objectives,

To keep people away from crime and harmful habits by raising the level of education,

To increase social responsibility projects in the field of Education and Sports,

To encourage the community to participate in volunteering projects,

and increasing the living standards.

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