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Project We Partnered With Was Accepted

Our erasmus plas project named Catch The Rhythm With Ergotherapy, Understand Life! with reference number 2020-3-HU01-KA105-093808, of which we are one of the partners, has been accepted. The project will be hosted by Hungary and there will be 42 participants in total, 6 people from each country, including us, including Hungary, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, a total of 7 countries, including Hungary, Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, the project was given importance to gender equality in the selection of people in the project.

The project, which is designed as a youth exchange for a total of 5 days, will start on 22.10.2021 and end on 27.10.2021.

The subject of the project is Occupational Therapy awareness. To direct the society to art by using occupational therapy as an intention and art as a tool, to ensure intergenerational transfer in the light of scientific, artistic and cultural developments at national and international level by using the universal language of art. To increase the independence and quality of life of all people participating in our program, especially our participants, by strengthening their moral, physical, emotional and cognitive dimensions, to promote the skills necessary to cope with struggles in daily life, as well as in self-care, development and leisure activities, and to ensure their development, relearning and preservation. To show the inspiration to provide education, the power to stimulate the individual's life satisfaction, the urge to want and to provide real pleasure.

To initiate personality-developing behaviors and to eliminate the false self-belief habits of young people who have lost respect for themselves and others through negative life experiences, and to regain respect for themselves and others.

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