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A World Without Shelters 2021-1-RO01-KA152-YOU-000003677

This projectwas carried out;

-To inform people about the phenomenon of violence against women,

-To help raise awareness on gender and women's rights,

-To ensure that women have a good place in society,

-To reveal the damage caused by the combination of the concepts of women and violence,

-Contributing to raising awareness of young people about femicide in the global arena,

-Assessment of the perception of violence against women and violence against women and public opinion on the prevention of violence against women,

-To raise awareness about the importance of women in working life,

-Emphasizing the importance of the duties of society in violence against women and homicides,

-To underline the importance of the language used in the media and in news related to our subject,

-To contribute to the prevention of all forms of discrimination against women,

-To develop standards for the investigation and enforcement of human rights violations,

-To discuss the causes of violence against women and create a positive awareness in the families of the future,

-To contribute to taking necessary measures to prevent domestic violence and honor killings,

-Contributing to the achievement of gender equality on the basis of human rights,

-To contribute to raising awareness to fight against gender discrimination, to eliminate racism and prejudice, to raise awareness of multiculturalism, the global world and coexistence with different cultures,

-To create public opinion on violence against women,

-To emphasize gender equality by ensuring gender equality among participants,

-Making Erasmus+ projects more visible and contributing to the dissemination of these projects to more young people,

-Finally, to help young people think creatively.

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